How the MSU delivers recycling rates of up to 98%

The perfect blend of digital and traditional methodologies that deliver world-class results with real-time data tracking capabilities.

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World-class recycling rates through simplicity.

Your mixed waste is collected and taken to the MSU; no need for various coloured bins, sorting, or additional training and education. Trained experts clean and segregate the waste for you, ensuring you get the highest possible recycling rates. 

With all waste segregated, weighed and electronically tagged, you can see exactly what waste your site is producing, by whom and where it’s going to. The increased visibility enables you to make smarter business decisions and demonstrate compliance with environmental initiatives. When removing waste compactors, the MSU is designed to fit in with your existing operational spaces.

This is our
Recycling Revolution.

How to get the best waste management solution for your organisation.

With the UK governments commitment to improved environmental conditions, businesses are having to give deep consideration to the waste they produce.

In our latest white paper, you’ll learn more about the waste hierarchy, your available options, and how to choose the best waste management strategy for your organisation.

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